Sony sued over ‘Buzz’ trademark

Buzz! Quiz TV - Image 1Sony is under fire on the legal front once again, and this time the target is the company’s usage of the trademark “Buzz”, which it uses for Relentless Software‘s Buzz! quiz game series. The complainant? A U.S-based electronic trivia games company called Buzztime Entertainment. More in the full article.

Buzz! Quiz TV - Image 1Lawsuits are once again flying Sony‘s way. A U.S.-based electronic trivia game company called Buzztime Entertainment has filed a lawsuit against Sony’s usage of the trademark “Buzz”, which the latter uses for Relentless Software‘s Buzz! quiz series.

Buzztime Entertainment is accusing Sony of violating a number of the company’s trademarks by using the “Buzz” name. While it doesn’t have the word “Buzz” trademarked, Buzztime Entertainment does hold similar trademarks such as “Buzztime”, “Buzzhead”, and “Share the Buzz”.

The lawsuit alleges that Sony is guilty of “malicious, fraudulent, wilful and deliberate” violation of trademarks. Buzztime Entertainment is asking for the recall and destruction of all of the allegedly infringing products as well as payment of damages. The company has also asked the U.S. Patent and Trademark office to deny SCEE‘s pending trademarks for “Buzz!”.

Sony has acknowledged the lawsuit but has declined to make any public statements. A new Buzz! title for Sony’s PlayStation 3 home video games console is currently under development by Relentless Software, so Sony better clear this one up quick if it wants that title to make its 2008 release date.

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