Sony UK doesn’t know of Dutch OPM’s PS3 game from LA studio

PS3 - Image 1Remember the other day when we heard of Dutch Official PlayStation Magazine‘s teaser of some new PS3 game from an unmentioned LA studio? Yeah, well apparently, Sony UK has commented on the matter, saying that they don’t have a clue about what DOPM is talking about. Which leaves us with some interesting implications…

OPM Dutch - Image 1The other day, we heard of the Dutch Official PlayStation Magazine‘s teaser of some new PS3 game. In the “Next month” section of their most recent issue, the editors left a note, saying that they’re just about to fly off to Los Angeles to get a preview of some studio’s upcoming game.

Today though, Sony UK has confided with CVG, commenting on DOPM’s teaser. Quite simply, they said “we don’t have any announcements planned at the moment.”

My first thought: “No, duh!” Of course they wouldn’t have any announcements about it… the game’s supposed to be coming from an LA studio!

However, when you think more on it, there’s actually some implications here. It’s not really any confirmation, however it does suggest two things: a) this title is so hush-hush that it isn’t being circulated in some cross-Atlantic memo between SCEA and SCEE, and b) that this “LA studio” could in fact be a third-party developer. (well, there’s always the last implication, that c) Sony UK is just trying to throw us off the scent. Ha! Famous last words!)

Now with those (first two) assumptions in place, that means SCE Santa Monica could be out of the picture of possible candidates for being DOPM’s “LA studio”. Which now makes me more convinced it’s Naughty Dog!

Give us some Jak & Daxter luvin’, please!

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