SouthPeak Games announces Roogoo for XBLA and PCs

SouthPeak Games announces Roogoo for XBLA and PCs - Image 1SouthPeak Games is sending word that it is preparing to release a new title on Xbox Live Arcade and PCs, titled Roogoo.

This title takes a different spin on the blast-the-incoming asteroids crop of games, where you’re supposed to guide the marauding space rocks to the ground rather than destroy them. Details for Roogoo are available in the full article.

SouthPeak Games announces Roogoo for XBLA and PCs - Image 1 SouthPeak Games announces Roogoo for XBLA and PCs - Image 2 

A game where you’re not supposed to blast the killer asteroids careening towards your home planet? A little odd indeed, but it’s the premise for a new title that Spidermonk Entertainment is planning to release on the Xbox Live Arcade and PCs by this spring, titled Roogoo.

The game will have players attempting to guide meteors of varying geometric shapes through a series of rotating discs to prevent them from hitting the Roogoo, a race of aliens that live on the planet Roo. Correctly aligned discs will award you extra points.

Not that this task will be easy – Roogoo will also feature various obstacles and enemies that will challenge you as you try to safely navigate these meteors out of harm’s way. SouthPeak Games CEO”>Melanie Mroz, CEO of publisher SouthPeak Games, had this to say regarding this upcoming title:

Roogoo is a rare breed of puzzle game that combines compulsive play with an engaging storyline and a wonderful fantasy world. With its accessible gameplay, unique charm and high production values, Roogoo is set to carve its own niche when released for Xbox Live Arcade and PC.

Gamers will definitely have loads of fun mastering its unusual depth and trying to become the guru of Roogoo.

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