Space Siege theatrical trailer

Space Siege - Image 1Sega and Gas Powered Games have released a new trailer showcasing the intense action Space Siege has to offer. If you’re looking for Dungeon Siege-like action in space, look no further. Hit that jump!

Because we can’t get enough of grunts in space and non-stop shooting action on PC, here’s a trailer of Sega and Gas Powered GamesSpace Siege. Since we last saw the promising third-person shooter, the out-of-this-world endeavor by the creators of Dungeon Siege looks tighter than ever.

By tight, we mean every corner is filled with enemy critters and each moment has the protagonist dancing to the tune of gunfire. The only downside in this Space Siege video said to be a “theatrical trailer” is its poor framerate – other facets are acceptable, considering it’s just one of those titles you’d pick up to kill things for a few minutes.

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