Spacetime re-acquires Blackstar IP, may become console RPG

Blackstar Spacetime - Image 1Spacetime Studios may have lost the Blackstar IP a few months ago, but they managed to re-acquire it from NCsoft, and now the Blackstar project is once again live. What can we expect from the MMO project then? Well, we may end up with a console RPG than a PC RPG. Sweet. More in the full article!

Blackstar Spacetime - Image 1If you can still remember from a previous article, NCsoft pulled the plug on the Blackstar MMO project that was being developed by Spacetime. But now the developer team managed to re-acquire the Blackstar IP from NCsoft, and the project is once again a-rolling.

According Spacetime’s president Gary Gattis, NCsoft cancelled the project for purely business reasons, and that they are still on good terms with the publisher. Gattis also added that Spacetime is still interested in working with them in the near future, so there’s no ill blood between the developer and the publisher.

He expressed his excitement over the things that they can do with Blackstar, now that they’ve re-acquired the IP:

The game has a 6D space flight mechanic, and it really lends itself to the controller. We’re really excited MMOs will be coming to consoles, and we think our product is viable for consoles.

So will we see the Blackstar MMO in the consoles then? Because the last time we heard about it, it was supposed to be a PC game. Gattis explained:

“When we were negotiating with NCsoft, it was a PC MMO, but when we were negotiating the IP we plugged in some console controllers and got that gameplay working.”

We really hope that they get to develop Blackstar as a console MMO; with the scant options that we already have right now, a new console MMO title is always welcome. Do check this space for more updates!

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