Spectral Force 3 Achievements revealed

Spectral Force 3 gets an achievement list - Image 1Looking for more Spectral Force 3 information? Well, you’ve come to the right place. The achievement list for the game was recently revealed, and it manages to give a glimpse into how the game works. Learn more about it after the jump!

Spectral Force 3 achievement list revealed - Image 1If you’re looking for more Spectral Force 3 information, you’ve come to the right place. It seems the achievement list for the game was recently revealed, and it just happens to include some information regarding how gameplay works.

It seems that most of the achievements in AtlusSpectral Force 3 are unlocked by completing specific missions which in turn allow you to recruit new characters. 35 of the achievements deal with this recruitment scheme, which means that you can easily rack up a ton of gamerscore points if you go out and do all the missions for the game.

On the other hand, some of the other achievements require the fulfillment of specific battle objectives during a mission. These range from performing a high-enough combo to dealing 10,000 damage in a mission. It’s up to you which achievements you want to get, but since achievements for this game always give out 25 gamerscore points, you may find a lot of mileage in just plowing through the game’s content.

Without further ado, here are all of the achievements for the game. Note that they all grant the player 25 gamerscore points, for a total of 1000 GP:

  • Sp. Character 1 – Recruited Special Character 1
  • Zakifon – Recruited Zakifon
  • Chic – Recruited Chic    
  • Chris – Recruited Chris
  • Langeais – Recruited Langeais 
  • Mayura – Recruited Mayura  
  • Sugata -Recruited Sugata  
  • Lamia – Recruited Lamia   
  • Orochimaru – Recruited Orochimaru  
  • Rengeki – Recruited Rengeki    
  • Hototogisu – Recruited Hototogisu    
  • Sp. Character 2 – Recruited Special Character II.    
  • Little Snow  – Recruited Little Snow    
  • Al – Recruited Al    
  • Break  -Recruited Break    
  • Culcha – Recruited Culcha
  • Regal Lily – Recruited Regal Lily    
  • Lilia Ple -Recruited Lilia Ple   
  • Primrose -Recruited Primrose  
  • Margaret – Recruited Margaret    
  • Folt – Recruited Folt    
  • Tina – Recruited Tina   
  • Rato – Recruited Rato   
  • Rimm – Recruited Rimm    
  • Anita – Recruited Anita    
  • Kiratt – Recruited Kiratt  
  • The 7th Hamaou – Recruited The 7th Hamaou 
  • Trick Blue – Recruited Trick Blue  
  • Inuou – Recruited Inuou   
  • Luche – Recruited Luche  
  • Gyufee II – Recruited Gyufee II  
  • Shimazwei – Recruited Shimazwei 
  • Malimar – Recruited Malimar
  • Fuya – Recruited Fuya   
  • Nyan – Recruited Nyan
  • Begina – Exceed 100 hits in a combo during a mission  
  • Eunice – Receive an S rank in a mission    
  • Diaz  – Performed Battle Formation 50 times
  • Dragan – Dealt 10,000 total damage during a mission 
  • Cassius -Defeated 500 total enemies


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