Spore Creature Creator demo leaked

Logo of Electronic Arts' Spore - Image 1If you feel like going all Doctor Frankenstein and can’t wait to patch together your very own life-form using the Spore Creature Creator, you might be surprised to find out you can already do so. Leaked copies of EA’s standalone creature generator demo were able to find themselves across the ‘Net before its appointed June 17 release date. In our full article, you can download the said program and check out the various features included.

Download: Spore Creature Creator Free Trial Edition

Screenshot of EA's Spore Creature Creator - Image 1With Electronic ArtsSpore (PC, Nintendo Wii, DS, Mac, and Mobile) still several months away, gamers who are on the edge of their seats waiting for the title will have to content themselves with the free trial version of the game’s Creature Creator, set to be released this June 17.

This standalone program allows players to create their own life-forms using various sets of creature parts and building options as seen in the actual game. The trial version of the Spore Creature Creator will feature only one-fourth of the actual tools and library of creature parts, which will come out with the full version of the program this June 17 at US$ 9.99.

However, we recently received word that the trial version of the in-game creature generator was leaked before its appointed release date. Reports from previous users who have already download the file confirmed it to be the real deal.

We were able to snag the hefty 191MB file and hosted it on the QJ.NET download site. If you’re interested in checking out what kind of creatures you can spawn from the depths of your imagination, go ahead and download it through the link we’ve provided below.

Download: Spore Creature Creator Free Trial Edition

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