Spy Calculator v2.0

PSP - Image 1If you’re looking for a secret way to punch and crunch numbers on your PSP without looking like it, then homebrew developer alexism14’s Spy Calculator should be the app for you. Mind, the application itself is in French, but with a little bit of doing (or if you know the language already), you’ll do just fine. All the details in the full article.

Download: Spy Calculator v2.0

Spy Calculator - Image 1

For those of us who want to crunch numbers on the sly, or simply want a nifty Calculator homebrew on the Sony PlayStation Portable, then homebrew developer alexism14’s Spy Calculator should do the trick. And with its newly-released second version, we catch wind of quite a number of improvement and new features – as well as a couple of bugs that aren’t really major. Check out the changelog below.


  • Choice of mouse option.
  • Addition of the civil division.
  • Ability to see the commands by pressing R + cross.

Known Bugs:

  • If one does not choose to figure the lua player marks a mistake.
  • You can take that 2 screenshots of the homebrew.

New future:

  • Number x and y number separated.
  • Adding a screen.
  • Viewing the battery remaining

As always, please take particular care whenever installing homebrew onto your Sony PSP, as it could very well mean the bricking of your handheld if things go horribly wrong. So make sure you’re up to speed. Enjoy!

Download: Spy Calculator v2.0

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