Spy Calculator v3.0

Spy Calculator v3.0 - Image 1For those who are looking for new homebrew applications to put in their Sony PSP units, you may want to give Spy Calculator a try. It was created by the French coder alexism14 and is currently on version 3.0. Know more about this build after the jump!

Download: Spy Calculator v3.0

Spy Calculator v3.0 - Image 1French homebrew developer alexism14 has rolled out a new build for the application Spy Calculator, bumping it up to version 3.0.

For those who missed our previous coverage, here’s the lowdown: Spy Calculator is a calculator program for Sony PlayStation Portable units created using Lua. With this, you can perform basic mathematical functions.

Here’s the changelog for this version translated to English using an online language engine:

  • Added display of remaining battery
  • Added, as planned, a screen
  • Changed touches
  • Opportunity to go back if it was mistaken
  • Number x and y number separated

As we mentioned, this was created by a French homebrew coder. That said, you may need to have a basic understanding of the language to maximize its potential. You can also refer to the source link below for more details.

Download: Spy Calculator v3.0

Via XtreamLua

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