Spy Calculator v5.0 – new math functions, Slim compatibility

PSP logo - Image 1If by chance  you fancy yourself getting a useful math application for the PSP with a snazzy name, then you may want to consider getting alexism14‘s Spy Calculator. Now on version 5.0, this particular revision includes new mathematical functions and more. Changelog in the full article.

Download: Spy Calculator v5.0

PSP logo  - Image 1Users of homebrew developer alexism14‘s Spy Calculator 4.0 should know that their favorite math aid with the awesome name is finally updated with the addition of several functions, including tangent and cosine. Here is the list of new features to be found on Spy Calculator’s version 5.0 build (translated from French by our favorite weblator):

  • Modification of a few keys
  • Possibility of modifying its screen
  • Added several calculations (tangent, cosine, …)
  • Added a variable power p (so you can calculate the number x to the power p)
  • Compatibility with PSP Slim & Lite!
  • Correction of the time display
  • And many other functions to test!

In case you’re not familiar with the Spy Calculator, it’s basically a homebrewed calculator coded in Lua. Check out this how-to if you need help in how to go about using this application:

  • R + round: see orders
  • R or L: display the keypad for number x or y number
  • Cross + L: select number x
  • Cross + R: choose number y
  • Triangle: p choose power (not very comfortable to press cross I know ^ ^)
  • L + R + triangle: leave the homebrew
  • Left + round: go back
  • Buttons on the text “tests with the buttons!” : Change its screen (citation of alexism14 ~ ~> I know they are not terrible, but that is what I put for now )

Like previous versions of Spy Calculator, this one does not come with its own readme file to guide new users, so better make sure that you know how to use these kinds of programs before attempting installation.

Download: Spy Calculator v5.0

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