Square Enix bares 3 more Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 videos

The Final Fantasy 10 incarnation of Bahamut - Image 1Three seems to be a magic number these days. Last time, we showed you three Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 videos from the 2008 Game Developers Conference. This time, we’ll show you three more, and we’re pretty sure you’ll see at least one familiar face once you watch them. Watch the moving pictures after the jump.

It would seem that Square Enix‘s Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 is all the rage for Final Fantasy these days, and understandably so: the game did manage to shoot to the top of the Japanese charts. One of the best ways to see how is to watch three of these new videos we found.

Square Enix’s first video takes place in a desert, where Zack is pitted against a strange mechanical doohickey with buzzsaws for hands. The second video takes Zack to the slums, and this time Zack faces critters who appear to be fond of stomach ramming. The final movie has Zack duking it out with one of the most famous Final Fantasy summons of all time  – Bahamut – who zaps the poor SOLDIER with a patented mega flare as a remix of the boss battle theme from Final Fantasy 7 plays in the background.

Words can only describe so much; it’s better watch the videos yourselves, so check these out and enjoy!

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