Square Enix’ Final Fantasy IV sequel to launch on cellphones

Square Enix Final Fantasy IV available for cellphones? - Image 1We’re just as surprised as you are. The Nintendo DS may have been the prime platform to release the sequel – if ever they were to make one – to Final Fantasy IV, but a recent discovery over the Internet has swept that possibility aside. While a sequel was officially confirmed, it was not to arrive on Nintendo’s handheld.

Details follow in the full story.

Square Enix Final Fantasy IV sequal to be av available for cellphones? - Image 1 Square Enix Final Fantasy IV sequal to be av available for cellphones? - Image 2  

Back in the ’90s, developer Square Enix (known back then as SquareSoft) released the fourth iteration of their famous Final Fantasy franchise, Final Fantasy IV. After more than 25 years, the developer probably decided to rekindle fans nostalgia for FFIV with a sequel.  But there’s a catch: while FFIV was released on the Nintendo DS, the sequel would debut only on mobile phones.

Entitled Final Fantasy IV: The After – Return to the Moon, the sequel will be made to work on cellphones such as the FOMA 903I series (and up) phones by the NTT Docomo Network, or AU’s Win Brew phones which will later be released in Spring next year.

As expected, mixed feelings sprouted up from gaming discussions around the World Wide Web. People expected the game to release over the Nintendo DS, but some fans were taken aback by the fact that FFIV: The After was to be a mobile game. Whatever the case, the mobile exclusive sequel will hit capable cellulars starting February 2008.

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