Square Enix includes Tidus in Final Fantasy Dissidia roster

Tidus looking earnestly at Yuna - Image 1If you’ve been following Tidus’ appearances since Final Fantasy X, you’ve likely noticed that he has graced other Square Enix games other than that one. This time around, it’s Final Fantasy Dissidia. Yup, you heard us right. More about that after the jump.

Tidus from Final Fantasy X - Image 1It seems that Square Enix is being quite the tease. Details of the Final Fantasy Dissidia character roster are being revealed little by little, and this time it’s been confirmed that Final Fantasy X‘s Tidus will be featured in Square Enix‘s battle game.

(Spoiler alert.) As the main protagonist of Final Fantasy X, Tidus bid his companions farewell at the end of the game, only to resurface in the sequel and in other Square Enix games like Kingdom Hearts and Itadaki Street Special. (End of possible spoiler.)

Unfortunately, the Square Enix trailer that featured Tidus’ presence in Final Fantasy Dissidia was a private one, so we have no video to show you…yet. Rest assured that we’ll be sure to let you know once we get our hands on it. For now, though, you may want to check out some scans of Final Fantasy Dissidia from Jump Festa 2008, courtesy of the source link below.

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