Star Vault announces new MMORPG: Mortal Online

Star Vault announces new MMORPG Mortal Online - Image 1If you prefer first person MMORPG types that set in open worlds, then you should probably check out Star Vault‘s newly announced Mortal Online. It may be scheduled for a Summer 2009 launch but even at this early stage, the game is showing a lot of potential. Know more after the jump!

Star Vault announces new MMORPG Mortal Online - Image 1 

Swedish video game development studio Star Vault has just recently unveiled the official website of its upcoming MMORPG called Mortal Online. The game is being prepared for a launch in Summer of 2009.

What’s amazing in this particular MMO is that it puts players in an open-world providing a sandbox style of gameplay. This is not to mention that Mortal Online also utilizes Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3 to run.

According to Star Vault CEO and founder Henrik Nystrom, they will be releasing information every so often that will contain features, screenshots, races, and classes among others to help acquaint players with the  game. He added:

It is a very exciting day for everyone involved in this project and we have had some stressful but rewarding days prior to this release. I hope you are as excited as we are about Mortal Online and that you will follow us through the journey of development!

That’s about it for now for Mortal Online. If you want to see some of the initial features and media being offered by Star Vault, feel free to check the source link below. It should lead you to the game’s official website.

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