Star Wars Galaxies: game update 1

Star Wars Galaxies: game update 1 - Image 1It’s definitely hard to believe the rumor spreading that SOE has plans of discontinuing Star Wars Galaxies since the latest game update has just been released. The presence of this update show us that the game is alive and still kicking. Check out the details of the game update after the jump!

Star Wars Galaxies: game update 1 - Image 1Gamers might be affected by the rumor circulating that SOE will be discontinuing with Lucas Arts‘ MMORPG, Star Wars Galaxies. Don’t fret because we’re bringing you now the latest game update.

Changes have been made for the Smuggler, Spy, Jedi, and Trader. Some of these are involved with the playability options, character balances, new skills, and even graphics.

Also, additional updates have been noted and implemented for various sections: Collections, Collection Reactors Mark 1-4, Space, Star Destroyer Heroic Encounter, Character Transfer Service, and Quests.

As for the User Interface, much has been improved to increase gameplay experience of the players. A few bugs have been attended to so that errors won’t occur anymore.

To check out the exact changes that have been made with game update 1, feel free to head on over to the source link below.

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