Star Wars Galaxies: Station Launcher update for 05/05/2008

Star Wars Galaxies - Image 1If you’re one of the many aspiring Jedi trekking the parsecs of SOE‘s Star Wars Galaxies, then you might want to pay attention, as the game’s Station Launcher has just been updated. Check out just what you might see (or might not see) different about the latest build in the full article. An early warning, though – since this is the beta version still, it might have some trouble updating or launching the game itself.

Star Wars Galaxies - Image 1

For those of us currently trying to master the intricacies of The Force in Sony Online Entertainment’s Star Wars Galaxies, here’s an important news bulletin: the Station Launcher, currently in beta testing, is updating to a new version today. So if you’re one of the proud many participating in the beta itself, then you might want to log on as it should auto-update to the latest version today.

While it may seem that there isn’t anything new that’s changed from the last version, that’s all right – the announcement itself didn’t point out anything in particular. But if you haven’t seen the new Station Launcher, then you might as well should, as international players can now download multiple language versions for easier play.

Well, that’s it for this update of SOE‘s Star Wars Galaxies. Make sure to keep your lightsabers charged for the next one.

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