StarCraft 2 Q&A Batch 25: of nomads, Shadow Ops, bonus damage

StarCraft 2 logo - Image 1The latest batch of Q&A that keeps Blizzard‘s StarCraft 2 fans updated with what’s going on in development just arrived, and it tackles some of the units such as the Nomad and Shadow Ops that should introduce new strategies to even veterans. Know all about it by heading over to the full article.

StarCraft 2 Nomad - Image 1As usual, the latest batch of StarCraft 2 Q&A whet our appetites and left us pondering over new strategies and tactics that will be employed when Blizzard finally gets it done. According to developers working on the game, the new damage system and the Shadow Ops will play major roles in taking that sweet victory.

Nomads, as devs pointed out, can construct unique buildings that aid in battle. They’re no SCVs, but they can make deadly Auto Turrets on the fly. Blizzard poster Karune, who’s behind the Q&A compared deploying turrets to “having an instant Marine, with rapid fire, and building armor.”

The Shadow Ops, on the other hand, are units with the ability to carry a nuke and drop pod at the same time but can’t carry two of any of those outside with just one Shadow Ops building in the player’s control. They can, however, load up to 12 infantry units and even SCVs for fast expansion.

Among the questions answered in Q&A #25 was over the damage bonus system. Blizzard’s devs explained that Protoss shields take bonus damage depending on the unit – if it’s a light armored unit taking anti-light armor hits, the shield will take the extra damage.

In an interesting note, it was brought up that “many of the original iconic doodads will be recreated for StarCraft 2.” There was also a mention of screen resolutions, and devs said they’re trying their best to support both widescreen and 4:3. There could be an advantage for players who see more of the screen, but differences are minor.

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