StarCraft 2 Q&A Batch 37: on Nomad Spider Mines, Ghosts sniping and more

StarCraft 2 wallpaper - Image 1As the development on StarCraft 2 continues, so do the Blizzard Q & A sessions. This time around, Blizzard blue poster Karune tackles Spider Mines for Nomads, Ghost sniping, Reaper Mine mechanics and what not. Absorb the information in the full article after the jump.

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In a recent interview, Chris Sigaty mentioned that Blizzard was experimenting with StarCraft 2. If the company is tweaking stuff here and there, then it’s especially important for Blizzard to continue with the Q & A sessions and to keep players informed about game developments. This time around, Karune tackles Nomads, Ghosts, Banelings and more.

Remember the Spider Mines from the original StarCraft? Blizzard has replaced the Nomad’s Mine Drones with them. The Spider Mines cost 15 energy units and deal 50 units of damage, plus 50 additional damage units to armored foes. On the other hand, Reaper Mines do less damage than Spider Mines. They are easily destroyed and they damage both friend and foe.

Also, Ghosts will not be able to snipe targets in the fog of war, though their current caster detection range is still at a formidable 30. Over on the side of the swarm, Zerg Banelings may be killed when they’re lifted up via Anti-Gravity. The interesting thing to note is that the resulting explosion will destroy air foes with its area of effect.

Finally, Marauders’ concussion grenades tend to reduce an enemy unit’s speed by a set percentage in StarCraft 2. This ability, however, is still subject to balance issues under Blizzard’s watchful eye.

It’s likely that Blizzard still has a lot to share with regard to StarCraft 2 development, so stay tuned for more Q & A sessions in the near future.

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