Steam brings latest patch updates for Team Fortress 2, Audiosurf

Team Fortress 2 - Image 1Valve knows that there’s a big community on Steam for Team Fortress 2 that never sleeps. That’s why the devs are so committed to maintaining the highest quality of play by supplying constant updates. A new one is in place and we have the changelog in the full article. Go see it by hitting the jump.

Team Fortress 2 - Image 1 

The fun never stops over at Steam, and the devs of some of our favorite games work real hard to keep the good times rolling. Proof of that is Valve’s most recent update for Team Fortress 2. Expect the squad-based shooter to come out playing better than ever once you’ve logged into the Steam client and the updates are installed automatically.

These are the improvements in Team Fortress 2‘s latest version:

  • Fixed several issues with the Family Practice achievement. Players with 10/10 progress that have not been awarded the achievement will get the achievement the next time they UberCharge any Steam friend.
  • Fixed toggle-fire option for the Medigun preventing players from earning the Second Opinion achievement
  • Fixed The Kritzkrieg not charging faster than the Medigun
  • Fixed issue that was preventing players from using their new Medic items on some servers
  • Fixed melee weapons not being affected by The Kritzkrieg’s critboost
  • Fixed Server Browser sometimes refreshing in the background on startup when it wasn’t visible

By the way, Audiosurf also got a small update of its own. there’s only one change noted in the patch notes. A fix for a crash that could occur after song loading completes has reportedly been applied. Go log in and check ’em out.

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