Steam gets a fixer-upper, Garry’s Mod loading sped up

Steam updates - Image 1Very nice. Now though the recent upgrade of Valve Software’s Steam client is all about smoothing those rough edges in cache management and defragmenting, it’s nice to see some launcher load times decreased. Want to know what else Valve has tuned? The full story lists all.

Steam gets a fixer-upper, Garry's Mod loading sped up - Image 1 

Boot Steam up anytime between July 30 and later, and you’ll find that little update progress bar postponing your fun for later. But allow Valve’s Steam client to update, and the rewards will be half-worth the delay. Why? Because someone tinkered with cache management, and it goes all across the board for all your cached Steam titles.

Other changes include:

  • Fixed not correctly pausing any current downloads when launching a game
  • Improved cache mounting checks. This should decrease the startup time when launching Garry’s Mod
  • Fixed startup to only request info about apps once
  • Fixed rare cache corruption caused by defragging
  • Fixed vgui crash when hitting pageup/pagedown in a sectioned list-panel
  • Fixed rare crash when downloading
  • Fixed -voicerelay steam command line to actually force use of the relay

We wish they had more, but this is all they could squeeze into a small download. More updates from Steam coming up next.

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