Street Fighter IV info coming this Thursday

Street Fighter IV - Image 1While the teaser trailer of Street Fighter IV was certainly drool-worthy, it never really revealed anything about what the game would be like in terms of gameplay and visual style. Now, it seems that we’ll be getting a bit more information as to what sort of next-gen beast Street Fighter IV really is, and the time of impact will be around Thursday this week.

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Street Fighter IV - Image 1

Everyone was stunned when Capcom busted out the trailer for the upcoming next-gen sequel to everybody’s favorite fighting game, Street Fighter IV – and it seems that this week (specifically, this Thursday), we’ll be able to know more about the title itself, as well as the visual style it’s going to have. Awesome!

This news comes directly from Capcom representative Chris Kramer, who gave away the hint during an interview. He didn’t mention any specifics, however, like if we will be able to find out just what sort of gameplay Street Fighter IV will have, or in what sort of visual style it’s going to be presented. We’ll just have to wait until Thursday, it seems.

If one asks this humble blogger from QJ.NET, I’d certainly want the next-gen Street Fighter to top the superb animation in Street Fighter III: Third Strike. 2D all the way, baby, as all fighters are meant to be. Sure, the 3D on 2D plane Street Fighter titles were good and all, but they never really captured the experience. But until official information gets released, everything – including Street Fighter IV being a third-person adventure – is fair game. Updates as we get them!

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