Stringer: unanswered questions lie ahead for Sony

Sony logo - Image 1Even after gaining a lot of headway in the recent holiday season, there are still some unanswered questions for Sony about bleaker issues like unemployment. The details in the full article.

Sony PSP and PS3 - Image 1Things are currently looking up for Sony, now that they were able to recover from their initial doldrums and garnered a lot of numbers in the recent holidays. Sony’s CEO Howard Stringer acknowledged the headway they gained in the holiday season, but also said that there are still some unanswered questions left. Quoting Stringer:

The fourth quarter is full of strange unanswerable situations related to unemployment, related to GDP, related to everything else. So it’s too soon for us to be pessimistic, but I read the papers.

Aside from the good PSP and PS3 turnout, numbers garnered from Sony’s Bravia TV line and camcorders further helped in improving their sales. Because of this encouraging output, Stringer said that they will forge on with their aggressive marketing stance and will not be perturbed by the current general economic woes.

Via Reuters

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