Strmnnrmn opens Daedalus icon contest

Daedalus r13 - Image 1Loved Daedalus R13 from StrmnNrmn? If you ever wished you could be a part of one of the Sony PlayStation Portable’s most popular emulator development projects, here’s your chance: StrmnNrmn is opening a competition for everyone who wants to design background and icons for the next versions of Daedalus. There’s no cash prize, but full credit and fulfillment could be yours. Read on and see how you can help.

The contest details for Daedalus follow after the jump!

Sony PSP - Image 1If you’re a fan of Sony PlayStation Portable developer StrmnNrmn and his work with the Daedalus emulator line, you might be interested in an effort to improve the N64 emulator for the Sony PSP. Get your creative juices flowing because a “contest” has been opened for the creation of the best Daedalus background and icons!

“I’ve never taken the time to add icons to the Daedalus EBOOT.PBP,” says StrmnNrmn. “Mostly it’s just because I’ve been lazy (when I develop Daedalus I usually run it through psplink rather than the XMB, so I rarely see the frontend), but also because I’ve never found a suitable set of icons to use.”

“I’d like to add icons and a background to Daedalus for the next release, so I’m opening a ‘competition’ to try and find the best design,” continues the celebrated Sony PSP homebrew dev. “The ‘prize’ will be full credit in the release notes and on the Daedalus About screen (including a link to your website if you wish).”

Interested? There’s no money involved, but at stake is a nice piece of homebrew glory if you win. If you got riled up, this is what StrmnNrmn is looking for:

  • Background 480×272, preferably in .png format
  • Icon 134*74, preferably in .png format
  • No use of Nintendo’s trademarks! This means no use of the “N64” or “Nintendo” logos. Sorry. Be inventive!
  • You must own the work you submit, and give me permission to use it with Daedalus PSP

Got all that? If you’re ready to show the world your masterworks, email the icons and backgrounds to [email protected] and let’s see what happens. We’ll keep you posted.

Thanks to RedLinkd for the tip!

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