Strmnrmn makes progress on PSP Media Engine

StrmNrmn makes progress on PSP Media Engine - Image 1StrmnNrmn, homebrew emulator creator and an icon for Daedalus, once mentioned plans to use Daedalus’ audio processing code to kick start the PSP Media Engine. In a succeeding post, the developer made it clear that it was no cakewalk to shovel code over to another program and get it chugging again.

But this new update shows some promise for the Media Engine’s development. StrmnNrmn announced that some progress has been made down Media Engine avenue, even though most of the assertions are made through preliminary coding and code review. Details at the full article.

StrmNrmn makes progress on PSP Media Engine - Image 1

Remember StrmnNrmn‘s promise over the Media Engine for the Sony PlayStation Portable’s Daedalus emulator? The PSP homebrew developer has spent some time reviewing the audio code. StrmnNrmn tried out a PRX incarnate of the Media Engine, thanks to PS2 Dev contributor J.F., and it proved worthwhile in making certain progress into the Media Engine development.

There are still hurdles to overcome, says StrmnNrmn, and one of them includes synchronization. Though the audio code has yet to be run on the Media Engine and tested, the possible synchronization issues are likely to be the main culprit to contend with.

To solve this issue, the developer is looking into testing the Media Engine code extensively to avoid debugging the ME code – a mountain of headaches in itself. The plan is to create a test model for the Media Engine, embodied by a recoded “job manager” program, to simulate the execution of code on the ME itself.

How will it turn out? We’ll see when StrmnNrmn comes back from adventuring in seas of code.

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