Suda 51 working on Flower, Sun, and Rain for the DS

Flower Sun and Rain - Image 1Can’t get enough of Suda 51? If you own a Nintendo DS, then you’re in for a treat. The gaming meister is currently working on another game, Flower, Sun, and Rain with Marvelous Entertainment, and it’s slathered with all the good things one can expect from a Suda 51 game: assassins and cel-shaded graphics. Read more in the full article!

Flower Sun Rain - Image 1 Flower Sun Rain - Image 2 

Good news to fans of Goichi Suda‘s (or Suda 51) games: the gaming meister is currently working on another project with Marvelous Entertainment, Flower, Sun, and Rain, this time for the Nintendo DS. Judging from the screenshots provided in the game’s official website, Flower, Sun, and Rain roughly deals with assassins as well as terrorism, like Suda 51’s other games such as Killer 7 and No More Heroes.

So far, apart from the character profiles of three of the characters within the game and a handful of screenshots provided in the official website, we’re given a glimpse of the protagonist’s instrument, named “Katherine”. From the looks of it, the suitcase-shaped device is used as a code-breaker of sorts. As for Flower, Sun and Rain‘s graphics, it sports the same cel-shaded goodness featured in past Suda 51 games.

No further details were revealed, but feel free to check out the game’s website to glean more information about Flower, Sun, and Rain. More updates to come!

Via Flower, Sun, and Rain official site

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