Super ShyGuy Universe v1.60 Beta – save Nintendo characters from Sony

Nintendo Shyguy - Image 1As kids, we’ve always fantasized about kicking some enemy butt alongside our favorite video game characters, or maybe even save them from the clutches of evil people out to eat them. You’re going to get your chance with homebrew developer jfig111‘s Super ShyGuy Universe, where you play as a little ShyGuy out to save Nintendo characters from the clutches of Sony (flame bait, there). More in the full article!

Download: Super ShyGuy Universe v1.60 Beta
Visit: QJ PSP Development Forums

Nintendo Shyguy - Image 1Now here’s a fanfic made into a game, which goes: “Once upon a time, Sony decided to take over Nintendo, and has already captured every Nintendo character, except a few ShyGuys and Goombas.” Sounds interesting?

If it piqued your interest, then you may want to check out homebrew developer jfig111‘s Super ShyGuy Universe where players get into the shoes of Shylo, one of the last remaining Shyguys who weren’t captured by Sony. Tasked to rescue Nintendo luminaries – Mario, Link, Kirby, Pikachu, and others – Shylo must explore the world and fight baddies to restore Nintendo-land.

Super ShyGuy universe can actually be played on the PC, but you can tote around the adventure on your PlayStation Portable as well. Here are the instructions on how to install Super ShyGuy universe using the PSP and PC, as provided by jfig111:

To download on PSP:

1. Hover over link

2. Press triangle>file>save target as

3. Save it in PSP/COMMON

4. Type in file:/psp/common/figt45.swf in the PSP Web browser to access

To download on PC:

1. Save the page, or SWF depending the web browser.

2. Plug your PSP into USB Mode

3. Open up the contents of your PSP, go into the PSP Folder, then the COMMON folder.

4. Drag and drop the file in there.

5. Repeat step 4 from the way to download it on PSP.

If you have any questions or comments concerning Super ShyGuy Universe, you can go to the Visit link to contact the homebrew developer. Enjoy!

Download: Super ShyGuy Universe v1.60 Beta
Visit: QJ PSP Development Forums

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