Super Smash Bros Brawl update: Team Healer

Team Healer - Image 1If you’re sick and tired of the same old blah gameplay of other fighting games, then you should be happy to know that there’s one innovative Brawling game under the cutesy exterior of Nintendo and Sora Ltd’s Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It’s so in-depth, even the acquiring of health replenishing items takes a little strategy to do so. More details and screenshots in the full article!

Team Battle - Image 1 Team Battle - Image 2

Those who closely follow the recent news on Super Smash Bros. Brawl by Nintendo and Sora Ltd. may be pleased to learn about a certain gaming staple that is given a twist in this particular game: the healing item.

Known as the Team Healer, this item only pops up in the Team Battle mode, where two teams duke it out for supremacy. The Team Healer doesn’t actually replenish the hit points of anyone who grabs hold of it, but will only do its job when thrown towards an ally.

Team Healer - Image 1 Team Healer - Image 2

Fair enough, yes? However, should you make a wrong move and throw the Team Healer towards an enemy instead of towards your partner, you will end up recovering your enemy’s hit points instead. It’s an interesting mechanic that will make gameplay more interesting in the Team Battle mode.

To minimize healing boo-boos, remember to alert your teammate when you decide to throw the Team Healer, so it wouldn’t be used to the other team’s advantage. More Super Smash Bros. Brawl updates to come, so stay tuned!

Team Healer - Image 1 Team Healer - Image 2

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