Team Fortress 2: Heavy class to get new weapons and achievements

Team Fortress 2 Valve Corporation - Image 1Team Fortress 2‘s (also on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3) Pyro and the Medic class finally got their care package courtesy of Valve Corporation, and next in line is the Heavy. What new weapons and achievements will be bestowed on this well-loved character? We don’t know yet, but Valve would like the game’s fans to think about what should be considered when coming up with new extras for every character. Details in the full article.

Heavy Team Fortress 2 Valve Corporation - Image 1 

The Medic and Pyro classes have received some boost via their Team Fortress 2 (also on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3) class packs that were released recently, and now the next in line is our sweet, lovable Heavy. Valve Corporation has something different in mind when coming up with the Heavy’s pack of goodies: giving fans a glimpse on how they come up with each class’s new weapons and achievement packs.

As stated by Robin Walker in the official Team Fortress 2 blog, their main goal for the Heavy is to make the big guy be more effective even when there’s no medic around. Here are also some things that they should consider when coming up with extras for the Heavy:

  • How much work is it? How many new models, sounds, effects, etc?
  • Does it deepen the Heavy’s skill curve? Is it easy to learn? Hard to master?
  • Is it an interesting tool to choose relative to the base Heavy weapon it’s replacing? What scenarios can you envision in which each is useful? What arguments can you raise for why each is better than the other?
  • How often does the Heavy need to think about it? Is it something he uses once every 5 minutes, or is it something he needs to be constantly thinking about? A greater impact on player decision making is generally a good thing.
  • How many other features of the game does it affect? Often, the best ideas are “economical”, with a small set of required actions, but a wide set of resulting effects.

Why is Valve cluing in their fans into the developmental process that goes into making each and every Class Pack? Aside from letting them see how much work and decision-making goes into every new content, Valve also wanted to let TF2 players think about what should be considered when giving any of the characters new weapons and such.

There are other guidelines and problems that Valve outlined in their blog; you guys should check it out through the Via link and plunk in your own thoughts about what to give the Heavy (and Sasha).

Via Team Fortress 2 Blog

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