Team ICO revemps career page, shows off first Ico 3 screenshot?

Team ICO - Image 1So, what’s Team ICO working on these days? A Shadow of the Colossus sequel? A new adventure set in the Ico universe, at least? Whatever it is, a recent revamp of the team’s career page on the SCEI website has fans speculating all over the place. Check out the full article for more.

Team Ico teaser - Image 1

With a simple redesign of their career page on the SCEI website, Team ICO has once again kindled the interest of gamers who loved the development company’s previous offerings, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.

Team ICO career page – which apparently states that the studio is looking for artists, animators and other people for their new PS3 project – now shows what appears to be a shot of a well. That, or it’s a shot of a sort of anchor that’s supposed to keep something chained to it from roaming around too much. Canyons were also connected to the team’s PS3 project, so maybe it’s a plughole? A drain maybe?

Whatever it is, you can check it out up top. Note the shadow near the top portion of the shot. Whatever that chain’s attached to, it seems pretty big. There’s no concrete info yet on what Team ICO is currently working on, but speculation that it’s Ico 3 – or at least a title set in the Ico universe still runs high.

Anyway, even though this shot could turn out to be nothing at all, it’s good to know that Team ICO’s still working hard on their PS3 project. We’ll bring you whatever info we find about this new project as soon as we can.

Via Team ICO career page

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