Tecmo and Koei to have concrete integration scheme in two months

Tecmo Koei - Image 1After all the controversies that Tecmo was involved in the past couple of months, it looks like things are starting to settle now with the company. They have gotten past over the Square Enix “friendly take-over” offer, and now they are moving things a step further with Koei by drawing up management integration talks — and a deadline.

Tecmo Koei - Image 1With Square Enix now squarely out of the picture, Tecmo and Koei are now free to engage in their own plans of merging. And now, it seems like things are going smoothly according to plan as Tecmo released a statement on where the two companies now stand.

According to the press wire:

A committed has been formed to oversee the business of the two newly-merged companies, comprised of the presidents of both companies (acting as joint-chairmen) as well as executive representatives and non-executive representatives of both companies. This integration will allow employees to demonstrate the full extent of their abilities, so as to best serve the company in the future. This committee is expected to produce a concrete integration scheme for unifying the two companies in the next two months.

Hmm… sounds like everything’s all set and ready, then. This move to pursue management integration is a sure sign that there’s no stopping Tecmo and Koei now from completely joining forces. Good luck, then!

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