Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion Arcade trailer

Tekken 6 - Image 1Namco Bandai finally gives us a peek at their latest iteration for their fighting game franchise, Tekken, with Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion. The trailer does show us a lot about the game, say for example the new characters, features and whatnot. You’ll see after the jump.

Namco Bandai‘s Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion is not only looking new, it’s also sounding new. In this trailer we have for you today, shown by Namco Bandai at the Amusement Machin Show in Japan today, modern rockin’ tune is what welcomes you. And then later on, as the new features and items are being presented, you’ll find yourself tapping to the beat of the dance music.

Never mind that Bloodline Rebellion is strictly for the arcade. The entertainment factor most certainly is there for us to appreciate. But more than just the coolness of tracks, it’s how the usage of these sounds do a lot to amplify and awaken that adrenaline in you to duke it out in Tekken 6‘s new gameplay.

But let’s not limit the new stuff to the gameplay, cos there are a lot of things that’s fresh here. For one, there are at least two new characters introduced in the gameplay trailer, namely Lars Alexandersson and Alisa Bosconovitch. They may be noobz, so to speak, but you bet the can kick ass. And apart from them, there are also new items, stages, customization options, and … well… the odd-looking panda head.

Lost with that last bit? Click play and you’ll know what we mean. In the meantime, keep those fingers crossed that it comes over to the next-gens soon.

Tekken 6 arcade utilized the same system that Razing Storm will be using, the PS3 hardware’s System 357.

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