Telltale to announce WiiWare title at next week’s Nintendo Media Summit

Telltale to announce WiiWare title at Next week's Nintendo Media Summit - Image 1On April 10 or 11, Telltale Games is going to have a big announcement, one which will define the future of the universe as we know it. Okay, not really, but it’s an important announcement about what game they’re actually going to be bringing to NIntendo’s WiiWare service. More on this after the jump!

Telltale's Actual WiiWare game to be announced at Nintendo Media Summit - Image 1 Well, it looks like we’ll finally be finding out what WiiWare game is hiding inside TellTale’s offices. Telltale Games will be announcing the adventure game series they’ll be bringing to Nintendo’s WiiWare service at the upcoming Nintendo Media Summit, which will be held from April 10 to 11.

Wired reports that Dan Connors, Telltale Games CEO, has confirmed the announcement, though tips regarding what the WiiWare game will be haven’t been forthcoming. Notes Connors on mentioning hints for the game,

I’m tempted to give you a cryptic hint, but our audience is so diligent in figuring stuff out, and the audience that we’ve licensed are diligent in figuring stuff out, that they would figure it out in a second if I gave you any inkling.

Of course, it’s already been established that the game in question isn’t Sam & Max. So what is it? Well, time will definitely tell. Stick to QJ for an update on this once the announcement is made public.

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