Tetris 3DS v1.2

Nintendo DS handheld - Image 1Listening to your favorite MP3s while playing a good old game of Tetris is definitely one enjoyable way to experience the classic puzzle title. Developer AntonioND recently updated the Nintendo DS homebrew game Tetris 3DS, stepping up the latest iteration to version 1.2. Find out more about Tetris 3DS v1.2 in our full article after the jump.

Download: Tetris 3DS v1.2

Screenshot of Tetris 3DS Nintendo DS homebrew game - Image 1Playing through a good old game of Tetris while listening to your favorite tunes is definitely an enjoyable way to experience the classic puzzle game. This is the general premise of the latest Nintendo DS homebrew game featuring an interesting port of the old school puzzler, Tetris.

Developed by AntonioND, this latest iteration of Tetris 3DS steps itself up to version 1.2 and features the same addicting gameplay as the original title that it is based on. One of the more unique features of the game is the option to play your own MP3 files while playing it through the in-game jukebox option.

Unfortunately, it seems that the developer also neglected to add an updated changelog to the new build. If you’re interested in reading through most of the dev’s banter, you can access the Spanish forums where the homebrew game was posted through the link we’ve provided below.

In any case, if this is your first time trying out Tetris 3DS, don’t forget to read the documentation included in the file bundle for instructions on how to properly install the game. Keep coming back to this space for the latest updates on the Nintendo DS homebrew scene.

Download: Tetris 3DS v1.2

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