TGS 2008: Little King’s Story trailer

TGS 08 - Image 1Marvelous Entertainment and XSEED Games reveal the trailer of Little King’s Story at this year’s TGS. It’s looking fun and cute, perfect for Nintendo’s wholesome Wii console. Check out the vid at the full article.

In Marvelous Entertainment and XSEED GamesLittle King’s Story, it’s easy to be king. Just pick up a crown, wear it, and voila! You’re king!

You reign supreme in the kingdom of Alpoko and you rule over subjects as you go around the world on a fun adventure. Of course, the journey won’t be all too easy as there are monsters to contend with, the Uma.

A lot of other activities and exciting characters await you. This simulation game also hints at a bit of role-playing. Do check out the video below to see for yourself what this cute royal game has to offer.

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