The Answer: Guitar Hero IV coming in 2008

Guitar Hero logo - Image 1While we’re not exactly itching for another Guitar Hero title since the third installment still has us occupied, it seems Guitar Hero IV is rocking soon. Or at least, in a few months if British band The Answer’s press release is on the money. Check out the full article to learn more.

The Answer - Image 1British band The Answer may have confirmed that Guitar Hero IV is scheduled for 2008. In a press release predicting the rock band’s successful year, it was stated that the song Never Too Late will be in Activision‘s upcoming title.

Over 200 songs reportedly attempted to join Guitar Hero‘s next batch at an industry trade fair, but only 20 songs made the cut. “This is a tremendous honour and privilege for both The Answer and the Alberts label, ” said music label Alberts’ UK head James Cassidy.

With The Answer’s song in Guitar Hero IV‘s line-up and an album on the way, the band expects a great 2008. The Answer is aiming to reach a whole new level of international success, while Activision UK hasn’t answered anything with regard to taking Guitar Hero up another step.

It won’t be much of a surprise if the fourth installment in the popular series hits shelves this year as it already appeared in the Activision Blizzard merger fact sheet. Analysts also believe 2008 will be an epic year marked with the number four – all signs lead to Guitar Hero IV.

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