The Matrix Online celebrates its third year anniversary

The binary code of The Matrix - Image 1A third year anniversary of anything is usually a cause for celebration. That applies to the community of The Matrix Online, too. Sony Online Entertainment hase some goodies lined up for players of the game.

Unfortunately, this article is just an illusion, so we won’t discuss it here. For more info, turn to the real article after the jump.

Cover art for The Matrix Online  - Image 1Sometimes, humans need to take a break from fighting machines and agents. Good thing, too, as Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) has a special third year anniversary celebration in store for players of The Matrix Online.

These are the details, according to SOE:

  • The Return of Smith the Virus
    • Players can approach a virologist near various city monuments. This NPC will present them with a ticket to begin a mission leading to the Oracle.
    • A “Smith’s End Brownie” serves as the reward for the successfully completed mission. Players can use it to cure themselves or their friends of the virus.
    • Smirthlings may drop a “Smith’s Frag” for players to use.
  • Goodies
    • If players have an extra Brownie or Frag from the Oracle mission mentioned above, they may go to the virologist and exchange them for items.
    • These items are accessible all year round.
    • Items include:
      • 20+ t-shirts with 12 new types this year
      • Oracle Anniversary Cookies – These provide additional healing from any damage you might incur from fighting Smithlings or other foes.
      • Smith Rage Pills – These temporarily confer combat buffs similar to those received from the Smith Virus.
      • Smith Firewall Candy – a new item this year, these candies award players temporary immunity against Smith Virus infections.
  • In-Game Party
    • Players partied with developers, Rarebit, Walrus, Virrago, Moonlite, Brewko, 9mmfu and Dracomet and other players last Friday, March 21 from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST.
    • The party took place on the Syntax server in Camon Heights Park.

The anniversary celebration of The Matrix Online started last March 20. It will end on April 3. Guess what? The venue is actually the source link below. Check it out for more info, why don’t you?

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