The Wheelman video goodies: trailer and developer commentary

The Wheelman from Midway Games, MTV Games, and Tigon Studios - Image 1 If you’ve been wondering where Midway Games and MTV GamesThe Wheelman has gone, you’ll be glad to know that we just caught some eye candy for the said title. Aside from the newest trailer, we also have some developer commentary mixed in with some gameplay clips. Sound good? Click the full article link below.

The last time we heard from Midway Games, Tigon Studios, and MTV Games‘ upcoming video game-movie tie-in The Wheelman was when it was included in a rumored list of releases for 2008. Come to think of it, we only hear of it in passing recently, though after seeing the first trailer back in 2006, it’s pretty hard to take your mind off it, yes?

Today, we’ve got new eye candy with the digitized Vin Diesel as The Wheelman, and it’s as fast and furious as the first one. Like the first trailer of The Wheelman, flashbacks of other games with fast and explosive action came upon us – Stuntman (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360) and Driver, among others. So far, we haven’t seen much gameplay for this title, but we’re hoping it brings something new to the table.

The second video features The Wheelman developers talking about the game: the in-game Barcelona, the cyclone move, Vin Diesel, vehicle melee, and a whole lot more. We’ll quit yapping so you can check out the videos below. Enjoy!


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