These new Apple goods are scheduled for release in 2024.

Apple has a quiet summer for new products, but it is gearing up for a big fall starting in September. Apple’s fall product launches are expected to be big. The flagship iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max will offer major upgrades over last year’s models. Here is the expected highlights:Unlike the Pro models, the iPhone 16 Plus and 16 will have the same screen sizes as last year. The 16 and 16 Plus could receive the same A18 Pro chipset as the Pro and Pro Max. This would be a departure from recent history. Or, perhaps, for a first time, two new iPhone chips will debut: the A18 for lower-end models and the A18 Pro for high-end. Apple is planning to launch two different AirPods 4 models, one for each price range. Apple will launch two AirPods 4 models, one with a lower price and another with a higher price. The AirPods 2/3 are expected to be dropped from Apple’s line-up. Both AirPods 4 models are expected to feature USB-C charging case and an updated stem that looks like a mix between AirPods Pro 3 and AirPods 4. AirPods Max will also receive an update in the fall. AirPods Max 2 is expected to switch from Lightning to USB charging and gain many of the features that are currently exclusive to AirPods Pro 2. These include Adaptive Audio and Conversation Awareness. The smaller Watch will be the same size as the current larger model while the larger Watch will grow to match the Ultra screen size. The device’s casing will also be slimmer, and it could boast a more powerful processor that could lay the foundation for Apple Intelligence. Apple Watch Ultra is a huge success for the company. It has been updated annually since its debut in 2022. Apple Watch Ultra 3 is not known to be released this year. It will at least match new capabilities of Series 10 models. This includes a faster chip, better equipped for AI and possibly new sensors. The space black titanium finish is one selling point. The iPad Pro’s exclusive reign as the only Apple device to feature an M4 chip will soon be over. Apple is expected ship new MacBook Pro models this fall that feature the M4, Pro, and Max. The M4 is the highlight of this year’s computers, so don’t expect major changes to the form factor. The iPad mini hasn’t been updated since the year 2021. This drought may soon end. Apple is expected update its entire iPad line this year, including mini, after a 2023 without iPad. Expect an upgraded display that will no longer have jelly scrolling, and a revised processor. Apple will also release a new iPad base model to complete its mission to update the entire iPad lineup. Apple has not revealed much about the new device. Expect a more powerful chip and perhaps some Apple Pencil improvements, but no major hardware redesign. Both the Mac mini (late 2024) and iMac (early 2025) are rumored get the M4 chip. Our bet? Apple has been rumored to be working on new home devices, with a release date of 2024. One is an upgraded Apple TV 4K, with a newer chip. Another is a HomePod with an LCD display. FTC: We use auto-affiliate links that earn us income. You’re reading 9to5Mac – experts who provide daily news about Apple, its ecosystem and related products. Check out our homepage to get the latest news and follow 9to5Mac via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to keep up with the latest. You don’t know where you should start? Subscribe to our YouTube channel for exclusive stories, reviews and how-tos.


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