THQ announces launch delay for Saints Row 2

THQ announces launch delay for Saints Row 2 - Image 1THQ has just sent word that due to marketing and quality concerns, they’ve decided to push back Saints Row 2‘s Xbox 360 and PS3 launch by around two months. Sad news indeed, though you can pick up on the new launch date via the full article.

THQ announces launch delay for Saints Row 2 - Image 1We’ve got some bad new for the guys who were all set for Saints Row 2‘s (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360) expected arrival this August 26. THQ has sent word that the game has been delayed and will instead be launching on October 16, putting it squarely in the company’s fiscal third quarter.

The company further explained that the delay was due to product quality and marketing considerations for this upcoming title. THQ’s certainly playing it safe this time around in light of its considerable net losses during the previous fourth quarter.

The company is currently looking into measures to stabilize the situation, which included job cuts, and a second look at how it graded the games it’s churning out. Saints Row 2‘s delay due to quality concerns indicates that the latter plan is well underway. That said, we’ll let you know in case we run into any further updates regarding this matter.

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