THQ Brand Manager on Battle of the Bands game details

A cropped screenshot of the action from Battle of the Bands - Image 1We’ve heard of versus games and we’ve heard of rhythm games, but what about a hybrid title that combines features form both genres? That would be Battle of the Bands. THQ Brand Manager Randy shoemaker explains how you can “beat” other players at their own game after the jump.

Have you ever wanted to throw fireballs or smokescreens at your irritating opponent while playing a rhythm game? Now you can, according to THQ Brand Manager Randy Shoemaker, because Battle of the Bands gives you the chance to do just that.

According to Shoemaker, Battle of the Bands allows players to determine which genre is best by having different versions of the same song. For example, one player can play the rock version of Cypress Hill’s “Insane in the Brain” while the other player tackles the hip-hop version of it.

But that’s not all. THQ threw in some special “combat techniques” into the mix. Players can wave their Wiimotes and make their fellow players’ lives more difficult with such things as fireballs and smokescreens.

It’s better if you see it for yourselves, though so feel free to check out the short video below:

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