THQ planning WALL-E video game for all major platforms

WALL E looking up at the stars - Image 1If you’re eagerly awaiting the WALL-E film you may want to check out the upcoming video game version as well, regardless of which system you own. That’s right, THQ plans to release the video game version on all major gaming platforms to promote the movie’s release. How faithful will the games be to the WALL-E movie? Find out after the jump!

WALL E with his trademark kawaii eyes - Image 1 

Remember how THQ‘s Ratatouille (PC, PS3, Xbox360, PSP, DS, Mobile) came out for all major gaming platforms last year? THQ is planning a repeat video game performance, only this time with WALL-E. The plans are in line with THQ’s long-running business relationship Disney/Pixar.

As you might have guessed, WALL-E the game will have players take control of the title character and EVE as they relive notable moments of the film. THQ even plans to throw in a multiplayer option plus new stories and environments created only for the WALL-E games themselves.

WALL-E the video game is the second of four titles based on film properties that Disney/Pixar has licensed THQ to create. THQ plans to release the WALL-E video game in conjunction with the movie’s theatrical debut in the summer of 2008.

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