THQ to acquire Big Huge Games

THQ to acquire Big Huge Games - Image 1It looks like THQ and Big Huge Games will have more in common aside from their mystery RPG project. THQ has just sent out word about their intent to acquire BHG. Details on this transaction are available in the full article.

THQ to acquire Big Huge Games - Image 1The last time we picked up on THQ and developer Bii Huge Games, both groups were in the spotlight to discuss their yet-to-be-named RPG project for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

The two companis’ ties can only get tighter as of late, as THQ has announced plans to acquire BHG. THQ’s executive VP Jack Sorensen expressed his company’s optimistic outlook regarding the new deal:

The acquisition of Big Huge Games is a big win for THQ as we continue to expand both our internal development capabilities and our portfolio of owned intellectual properties. The talent at Big Huge Games has an outstanding history of developing top-selling quality games and we look forward to their creation of many exciting new owned franchises for THQ.

To its credit, BHG hosts noted developers like Brian Reynolds, Jason Coleman, Dave Inscore and Tim Train. These four are well-known for the development of titles like Rise of Nations, Alpha Centauri, and Civilization II. Train, president and COO for BHG, had this to say on their side of the news:

We are extremely excited to become a part of THQ. We believe their passion for games, developer support, and understanding of the creative process is without parallel in the industry. THQ provides an ideal environment to help us develop new, innovative games for both core gamers and mass market.

The acquisition is expected to conclude soon. According to the deal’s conditions, BHG is to become a wholly owned subsidiary of THQ. It will, however, retain all its managers and employees, implying that work on their mystery RPG project should go uninterrupted. The financial details of this transaction are yet to be revealed.

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