THQ’s Band Mashups title changed to Battle of the Bands?

Logo of THQ, a video game company - Image 1It seems like THQ is playing the proverbial Name Game with its upcoming rhythm game title for the Nintendo Wii. From what was previously known as Band Mashups, the game’s official website now calls the game “Battle of the Bands“. So what’s up with the new title? Did THQ simply change the name, or is this a completely new game? Find out in the full article after the jump!

News on THQ's Battle of the Bands for Nintendo Wii - Image 1It seems that THQ has mashed up the title for Band Mashups, its new game on the Nintendo Wii. It seems that game has been renamed “Battle of the Bands“.

The Battle of the Bands features presented on the official THQ website seem practically identical with the previous information released about Band Mashups – from the info about the Big Boss battles and musical weapon instruments, right down to the screenshots.

Unfortunately, the company hasn’t released any official statement regarding the “new” title. This leads us to believe that this is either an alternate title or a complete name change for the upcoming game.

Regardless, gamers can look forward to this new rhythm/combat game from THQ as they get their guitar controllers all warmed up for this rocking new title. We’ll be sure to keep everyone posted on any new updates we get about the game.


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