Todo en Uno PSP Hw v1.0: dumps and restores critical PSP files

PlayStation Portable homebrew - Image 1Homebrew developer Raisen has released Todo en Uno PSP Hw v1.0, a new homebrew app that lets users dump and restore their PSP’s IPL, eeprom, IdStorage, and more. Hit the full article for the app’s full list of features.

Download: Todo en Uno PSP Hw v1.0
Visit: QJ.NET PSP Development forum

PlayStation Portable homebrew - Image 1A homebrew developer by the name of Raisen has released a new dumper-slash-restorer on the QJ.NET PSP Development forum. Called Todo en Uno PSP Hw (that’s “All in One Hw PSP in English), this homebrew app can be used to dump and restore critical PlayStation Portable files.

According to Raisen, version 1.0 of Todo en Uno PSP Hw is compatible with PSPs running firmware 3.xx. It also comes in two languages: Spanish and English. No mention of whether or not it works on both the Phat and Slim, though. Here’s a list of the app’s features:

  • Dump IPL.
  • Dump Eeprom.
  • DumpIdStorage.
  • Dump Keys del IdStorage .
  • Dump Nand.
  • Format Flash1, Flash2 y Flash3.
  • Hide and show directoryes in Memory Stick.
  • Pandorize, normalize y autoboot battery.
  • Install IPL in Memory Stick.
  • Restore IdStorage keys.
  • Restore IdStorage.
  • Restore Eeprom.

If you have any questions regarding this homebrew release, we suggest heading over to the forums and checking out the Todo en Uno PSP Hw v1.0 release thread. You can get there by clicking on the Visit link below.

Download: Todo en Uno PSP Hw v1.0
Visit: QJ.NET PSP Development forum

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