Toolbox 0.4 – added eboot.pbp file and slim compatibility

Sony PlayStation Portable handheld - Image 1Developer Kloups recently released the latest build of the homebrew compilation Toolbox, which allows newbie PlayStation Portable users to properly setup their handhelds for homebrew use. You can check out the details of Toolbox 0.4 in our full article after the jump.

Download: Toolbox 0.4

Screenshot of Toolbox PSP homebrew app - Image 1

Setting up your PlayStation Portable to run homebrew programs can be quite a handful, considering the number of programs needed to make sure everything is installed properly. Fortunately, developer Kloups realized this and compiled a list of useful homebrew apps which can help users streamline their handhelds for homebrew use.

Entitled “Toolbox”, version 0.4 added an eboot.pbp file at the request of some of the members of the homebrew community. This useful homebrew compilation is now compatible with the PSP Slim & Lite via the Time Machine app by Dark AleX.

Here’s a list of utilities already included with the application:

  • Despertar del Cementerio V5: launches the original menu of Kit and allows installation of 3.90 / 3.90 M33-3
  • Idstorage Manager 1.2: To save / analyze / fix and rewrite the “key” of your Idstorage
  • Pandora Installer for 3.xx RC 3: Allows among other program your battery and your Pandora MS Magic
  • Keycleaner 1.4: To save and analyze the “key” on your PSP.
  • Multi Cementerio: Cementerio del Despertar 3.80/3.90/3.93
  • Nand Manager v5: you can save / restore your Nand
  • Nand V0.3 Tool: Allows, among other things, Repartition your NAND!

The developer already has plans of adding compatibility for kernel 3.xx. For instructions on how to install the current build of Toolbox, you can check out the source link which we’ve provided below.

Download: Toolbox 0.4

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