Top Spin 3 official site goes live

Top Spin 3 official site goes live - Image 1Maria Sharapova is excited about Top Spin 3, but how about the fans? Perhaps in effort to haul in those reeling from Top Spin 2's mixed reception, 2K Sports launched an official web presence for the next tennis simulation for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, and DS. But there's also the inclusion of dynamic content from Double Fusion, a more fluid control response and feel, plus rosters to whet the appetite of the average tennis fan. But what's in store on the site itself?

Top Spin 3 official site goes live - Image 1

Aside from a couple of preview videos sporting the enhanced graphics engine, some hints to stylized strokes from the seed-studded rosters, and press talk you've probably already heard about, 2K Sports' newly launched Top Spin 3 (Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, DS) official web site offers little more than a typical teaser site for any game. But according to Take-Two Interactive's sports label, the site isn't 100% complete, and updates are to come soon.

Top Spin 3 would be 2K Sports' bid to unseat Virtual Tennis 3 as the tennis simulation to play. The third installment of the Top Spin series has a lot of ground to cover to catch up, but with the help of the Nintendo Wii's affinity to tennis, it just might pick up the slack.

And hey - 2K Sports tossed polls your way to figure out what you wanted most out of Top Spin's roster, and you're getting them with Top Spin 3. Too bad not all the classic legends will debut on every platform.

Top Spin 3 is slated to serve aces this summer, and we'll find out if 2K Sports finally delivers what you've all loved from the first. You'd best keep your eyes glued for more updates till it ships. For now, it's advantage, Top Spin fans.

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