Trailer: WiiWare 2008 games for Japan

Wii logo - Image 1So, you think you know everything you need to know about WiiWare? There might be a few things you’re forgetting about. The trailer after the jump shows you what’s lined up in the Japanese servers for this year. There’s a fat chance they’ll all end up in the North American servers as well, so check it out and see what you need to stock Wii Points up for.

Nintendo’s latest service WiiWare launched late last March in Japan and we in the US will get to experience it in a matter of days. Just when you thought you knew everything you need to know about WiiWare, this new video was released.

The clip contains short views of what’s coming up on the Japanese WiiWare server this 2008. If you think that Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and Everyone’s Pokemon Ranch are all there is to be excited about, you’ll be surprised with what you’ll see. Casual games galore is the theme, and no matter how hardcore you think you are, what you’ll see in the video sure look like tons of fun.

Better stock up on those Wii Points cards, because there will be a lot to spend them on. We’ll keep you updated for more news on WiiWare.

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