Trauma Center: New Blood game opening video

Trauma Center: New Blood - Image 1The Trauma Center series has always made subtle references to today’s more popular medical dramas, and the sequel’s newly-unveiled opening sequence is no exception. It’s just as subtle, as you won’t be able to match it to what it’s making a reference to unless you’re an avid watcher of the base material, but suffice to say it’s a good sign for those of us expecting some tense, if not awesome surgical action from Trauma Center: New Blood.

Check out the video at the full article.

The Trauma Center series has always given subtle references to today’s more popular medical dramas – and this opening video of the upcoming sequel for the Nintendo Wii, AtlusTrauma Center: New Blood, is more than a subtle one. We won’t spoil just what medical drama it’s making a reference to, but a hint would be that it’s the series that’s about a cranky M.D. with a cane and a slight obsession with Vicodin.

Looking at the video, it’s a bit sad that the original cast is absent – after all, we’ve stuck with Derek and Angie through a white-knuckled Nintendo DS game and an equally-tense Wii sequel. For what it’s worth, though, the new cast does look promising, and with Caduceus featured as one of the main locations of the game, we may catch sight of the old cast soon enough.

Enjoy the video!

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