TriPingColors version 2 (version Complex)

TriPingColors version 2 (version Complex) - Image 1 Fancy trying out another strange-yet-fascinating homebrew game for your PSP? Then you may want to try out TriPingColors v2 Complex, which will give you quite the crash-course in color-coordinating. More details are available in the full article.

Download: TriPingColors v2 (Complex)

TriPingColors version 2 (version Complex)  - Image 1Developer M-Cid has just released this interesting homebrew game for the PSP, titled TriPingColors Version 2 (version Complex). The objective of this game is for the players to properly adjust the colors of each branch of the figure that are displayed onscreen.

Consider this a creative way of teaching you the basics of color mixing. The game will be making use of red green and blue colors for your base, and are controlled as such:

  • Up + Triangle: Increase in the red
  • Down + Triangle: Decrease in red
  • Up + Circle: Increase Green
  • Down + Circle: Reduced green
  • Up + Cross: Increase in blue
  • Down + Cross: Decrease in blue
  • Square: Changing shape
  • Right: Shift to the right
  • Left: Shift to the left

The game increases in difficulty as you progress, with more figures being added while the countdown timer shortens. Further details on how to run the game are available over in the file bundle’s readme. Just be mindful that the instructions are in French. Other information regarding TriPingColors Version 2 are available via the author’s site, via the source link below.

Download: TriPingColors v2 (Complex)

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