TSMC gearing up for the production of the phone 17 A19 device using 2-nanometer testing

Apple’s chip supplier continues to be TSMC.
Last updated 1 hour agoApple’s chip partner is about start trial production of chips using 2-nanometer fabrication processes, before making the A19 processor destined for iPhone 17. TSMC plans to mass-produce chips using a 2-nanometer fabrication process by 2025. The A19 chip in the iPhone 17 Pro would be the first of its type to use this process, if the schedule is followed. Apple’s notoriously long production schedules and its complex supply chain require that companies producing components work early to get processes in line. In a report on Tuesday, it appears that TSMC has been doing just that. Liberty Times, via ET News reports that TSMC is planning to start trial production of 2-nanometer semi-conductors in its Baoshan facility in the coming week. The North Taiwan plant was equipped in the second quarter 2023. The third quarter trial production will be earlier than expected, as the market was expecting TSMC to conduct its trial in the fourth. The accelerated schedule, it is believed, is designed to help TSMC achieve a stable yield prior to mass production. The switch to a 2-nanometer should also include a switch from gate all around technology (GAA) to back-side power supply technology (BSPR). The new technology is expected to improve the performance and power efficiency of chips that use this technique, which will in turn boost the A19’s performance. Apple is eager to begin producing 2-nanometer chip with TSMC. In May, Jeff Williams, the COO, visited Taiwan to discuss the production of 2-nanometer chips, as well the development of AI-forward processors to further the cause for Apple Intelligence.


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